Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Chat 05/03

Today in crypto we discuss banks, coins going to 1k, nationwide cryptos and much more! Occur and join the enjoyable, as always attempting to address as lots of questions as I can!

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3 replies on “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Chat 05/03”

LARK!!!!!!!!!!!! keep speaking news because thats all that matters at the end of the day….. These little up’s and down’s mean nothing over all…. Bitcoin is here to stay over all!!!!! All the money that is being dumped into crypto over all is a sure sign of how important this tech is…

Thoughts on centralized mining destroying btc? 60% by two companies and growing, thats alot of fiat leaving the market. Combined with gpu development pushing blocktimes down towards seconds instead of minutes, is this sustainable or a doomed loop? Is it even possible to counter the centralized mining selloffs in the rate they are expanding? If you get the time i would appreciate if you touched upon that in a future video.

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